About me

My name is Romero Melo, a multidisciplinary creative. I have been living with visual programming since my childhood that, drawings, silkscreen, inks, paintings, paintbrushes, pencils, became my toys. My late father was a great programmer visual pioneer in my hometown and because of him, I learned the laws and concepts of the Gestalt Theory. My art is in my veins, as everyone knows, creativity and sensibility do not learn in college. I try learning constantly and I’m always dissatisfied with my knowledge. I live in Brazil but I have been worked with clients around the world.

I had been worked with clients such as TV Grande Rio, Rede Construir, Colégio Santa Emília, Colégio Cognitivo, Shineray, Itaipava Arena Pernambuco, Shopping Tacaruna, Gurpo Ser Educacional, Grupo Amarantes, Experimento, Icone da Visão, Shopping Costa Dourada, among others, and round the world I had been worked for Avatar Foods, Galateia Jewels, MomentoToys, Irish Motor Festival, Spoon2Fork among others

• Specialities: – Advertising – Art Direction / Graphic / Digital / UI – Branding

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